5 Small Income Streams That Can Add Up To Thousands Per Month

“I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars — I look for 1-foot bars that I can step over.”
– Warren Buffett

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Nobody should ever expect building wealth to be an easy process. In fact, one of the largest mistakes that is made in the entrepreneurial and passive income field is that it is expected to be easy. With hundreds of courses claiming to help you “build a 7-figure eCommerce business in 6 months” or “know the stock signals that mean a stock is going to explode”, there is a reason for the confusion that has resulted. I’m by no means saying that these programs or courses have no merit; in fact, I think a lot of courses actually have some incredible results, such as the Bye 9-To-5 Course. What I am saying, however, is that they are marketed in a way that makes the consumer feel like they are going to make millions without any work. Let me tell you: there is no such thing as building an empire without hard work and a lot of struggle. Personally, I love to jump around from business to business and I have a horrible attention span. Because of this, I have really had to find smaller, but easier to build income streams in order to make money as an entrepreneur. In this article, I want to go over a few small income streams that I personally use, and how they can add up to BIG money for anyone willing to put in a little bit of work.

Income Source #1: Print on Demand

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For those of you who don’t know yet, the concept of print on demand is something that has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. The basic business model of print on demand is simple: you create a design, and a manufacturing company is on standby for whenever a customer decides to order a product. Think of it as drop shipping meets fashion. There a a lot of different manufacturing companies that you can work with while creating a print on demand income stream, and each has their own pros and cons. Most people have purchased shirts, mugs or other apparel from Amazon, but did you know that many of these products are actually print on demand products? It’s true; Merch by Amazon is an option that allows *almost* anyone to create their own designs and put it on a variety of products, which Amazon manufactures for the seller when an order is made. Personally, my favorite print on demand site to work with is TeePublic. TeePublic offers very competitive manufacturing rates and there is a lot less competition than other print on demand sites. If you are looking for a full list of print on demand providers, please click here.

Anyways, let’s get into some of the earning potentials for print on demand as a side hustle or business. In my experience, for every design that I upload to a print on demand website, I will get, on average, 1 sale per year. It might not sound like a lot, but I will show you why this is so powerful in just a moment. Let’s say I upload 20 designs to get started. The average commission I get paid per sale on print on demand products is around $2. Those 20 designs will give me a measly $400 per year. I know you are probably shaking your head wondering why I’m so excited about print on demand still after these numbers. Let me tell you why; because the majority of my designs are not even that great. I’m not afraid to say it. In fact, one of my best selling designs is simply a copyright-free image with some text over it:

Wanderlust Sticker by Moon-Aesthetic on Redbubble

It really is that simple. This design took me a few minutes to create, and it generates passive income for me on a regular basis. With that being said, you do not have to be a design genius in order to make good money on print on demand. I’d say you could conservatively pump out 20 new designs in an hour using a software like Canva and easily add $400 to your yearly income just doing this for one hour. It seems like print on demand can’t get any better, right? Well it does. Given that there is a variety of print on demand websites to choose from, you can take your designs and upload them to 5 or 10 different sites, exponentially increasing your income.

In order for you to really grasp the incredible opportunity that is print on demand, I’d like to call attention to one of my friends, Corey, who recently had his first $15,000 month on TeePublic. This guy is an absolute beast, and if you really want to get proof, here’s a screenshot of his earnings dashboard:

Corey’s TeePublic Earnings Screenshot

You might notice that he is getting a lot more than $2 per sale, this is because Corey decided to go for the t-shirt route using TeePublic because the website is much more t-shirt focused than other print on demand platforms out there. Since a t-shirt typically costs a lot more than stickers (my personal product of choice), Corey makes a lot more per sale that I do.

My Print on Demand Opinion:

Difficulty Level: 1/10

Earning Potential: Anywhere from $10 to $10,000 per month

Income Source #2: KDP Low Content Books

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Did you know that you are able to write your own book and never have to pay a dime to a publisher? Well, yet again, Amazon gives you an incredible opportunity to self-publish your books through Amazon KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing. In fact, this is how I published my two eBooks, The Seven Day Digital Marketing Blueprint and The YouTube Monetization Fast Track. Both of these books generate a steady stream of sales every single month, but there is a downside to these informative, “how-to” type books. The downside in question? They take a while to write, and even longer to promote and market. But there’s a much easier, time-efficient way to capitalize on the opportunity of self-publishing through Amazon. This opportunity lies in what is called low-content books. Typically, low-content books consist of a nice looking cover, along with some form of low-content material on the inside. A few examples are planners, schedulers, and sketchbooks. A lot of the notebooks, journals, and calendars on Amazon are from entrepreneurs doing this exact formula. Low-content book publishing is very simple: create a creative cover, fill the pages with some form of low-content material, and list on Amazon. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. That’s the easy part. The more difficult part is making sure people actually buy your low-content books. Since there are so many people doing this, you are going to face fierce competition. There are a lot of sneaky methods that will get you more sales, but I prefer to stick to the ethical methods. Typically, I market these low-content books by making them hyper-specific to particular niches, such as “Dog Lovers’ Scheduling Calendar” or “Daily Manifestation Journal” These types of niches will make your low-content books have much less competition, but also will allow you to market much easier. I prefer to market these low-content books through Pinterest, which can be absolutely free marketing, if you know what you are doing. In fact, I just wrote a guide on how I got 12,000,000 Pinterest impressions in only 3 months. This guide is an exclusive for members of Maximum Marketing, but you can get a 7-day free trial here. Combining the niche strategy to reduce competition with Pinterest marketing, you can easily pass 100 or more sales through Amazon KDP per month. I know you are probably wondering what the profitability of Amazon KDP is, and the answer is probably not what you want to hear necessarily. Since KDP allows you to pick your own prices, the profitability can really range. However, I make around $3 in profit for every paperback book I sell through KDP. Using only free marketing through Pinterest, I make around $300 in passive income from low-content books on Amazon KDP. If I were to use paid marketing as well, I could almost guarantee this number could be scaled by a factor of 10 or 20.

My KDP Low-Content Opinion:

Difficulty Level: 3.5/10

Earning Potential: Between $300 and $10,000 per month

Income Source #3: Faceless YouTube Channels

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Have you ever wondered if you could make money from YouTube without showing your face or maybe even without using your own voice? The answer is a very astounding YES, you can. Do I think it’s the best income stream on this list? I don’t think so. The issue with faceless YouTube channels is that there are so many of them that you will almost certainly get lost in the ocean of other similar channels. The one exception? If you find a competitive edge. If you can find a niche that will get good traffic, use good marketing and SEO tactics, and create quality content, you will almost be guaranteed some money from your YouTube channel. How much money? It really all depends on a few factors. The amount of money you make from YouTube depends on: the number of views you receive, the niche you are in, and whether or not your content is monetizable. I personally have only done one faceless YouTube channel in all of my years of trying to make money online, and to be totally honest, I enjoyed a good stream of income for a little while. If you are looking for a quick-setup for an income stream, faceless YouTube channels is definitely not the quickest to get setup. Faceless YouTube channels do, however, provide a lot more income than any of the other income ideas on this list. If you are willing to put in a ridiculous amount of effort and work to get your YouTube channel ready to go and ready to be monetized, then you can expect to enjoy anywhere from $100 per month in Adsense earnings up to even $50,000 per month for channels that are doing very well. If you are interested in putting in the work to make a faceless YouTube channel a viable option for a passive income stream, I recommend you check out the Bye 9-to-5 Video Course for a detailed guide on how to ensure success on YouTube. I used this video course to help get my YouTube channel started, and made a decent amount of money from it before selling the entire channel. If you’re willing to put in consistent effort and hard work, faceless YouTube channels can be a great passive income stream for you.

The beauty of YouTube channels is that you get to create whatever type of content you want to, as long as it aligns with YouTube’s community guidelines. Over the past couple of years, it seems that YouTube’s community guidelines have been loosened, opening up more and more opportunities to make money through Adsense direct monetization on YouTube.

My Opinion on Faceless YouTube Channels:

Difficulty Level: 8/10

Earning Potential: $100 to $50,000 per month

Income Source #4: Affiliate Marketing

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Affiliate marketing has a super special place in my income streams rating system. The reason I love affiliate marketing so much is that you really could do whatever you want and monetize it without spending a single penny on product development or creating a product to sell. Affiliate marketing allows you to funnel your traffic from any source and push it to a somebody else’s products and services, which will then give you a cut of the profit. Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start it in many different ways. You could use Pinterest to market your affiliate offers, or TikTok, or Facebook, or whatever other medium you choose. If you enjoy writing, you can monetize it by writing about the affiliate products you are promoting. The amount of money you make from affiliate marketing really depends on the products that you are promoting. If you are aiming for low ticket items, you can make anywhere from $5-$100 per affiliate sale that you convert. If you are using a high ticket affiliate marketing program, you can make up to $20,000 from a single sale. If you are looking for more in-depth affiliate marketing and monetization guides, make sure to follow my Medium profile so you don’t miss the articles I will write on these in the future.

Personally, I have a few separate Instagram “theme pages” whose main goal is to gain a following, then turn around and profit through affiliate marketing. You can start growing an Instagram theme page with literally $0, and grow the page using only a phone and a wifi connection. Let’s say you grow an Instagram theme page to 50,000 followers and on average, each follower gives the equivalent of $1 per year to you through advertisements and affiliate marketing (a fairly low amount if your followers are real) This means that you could earn $50,000 per year with only one Instagram theme page. The struggle with making money using Instagram theme pages is the process of getting started is a long, arduous process that will not be all fun and games all the time. There are so many different ways to gain traffic to affiliate offers, so just choose your favorite and run with it.

My Opinion on Affiliate Marketing:

Difficulty Level: 1/10

Earnings Potential: $100-$100,000 per month

Income Source #5: Content Creation

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The fifth and final income stream is something that I debated adding to this list because it is one of the most genius and brilliant side hustle ideas. Seriously, there are teenagers that are making more than their parents creating content online. I’m not talking about being an influencer- I mean working with businesses to build content that will drive sales for them. The form of content creation that I’m talking about is user generated content, or UGC. UGC is something a lot of businesses put a huge price tag on. Basically, UGC is when you offer a business to create 10–20 pieces of content featuring their products every single month. Right now, the hottest market for these types of videos is TikTok. This business model is as simple as reaching out to businesses and stores and offering to create content for them, giving them a price, and selling them on the benefits of your content creation services. I’ve seen people charge anywhere from $5 for a video to $500 for a video, depending on the product and type of content. I will be writing a more in-depth guide on making income from user generated content in the future, and I will update this article when I have more articles written on this topic.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Offering content creation to businesses is something that will enable you to have a recurring income from something that you really only have to set up and get going once, and after you get your initial clients, you can expand. The scalability of this business model is what makes me love it so much. If you sign a client at $1,000 per month, all you need is 9 clients to make six figures per year from this business model. If you are looking to scale this business to make even more money, the best way is to use your income to gain new clients, outsource content creation, and hire virtual assistants to close for you. Let’s say your average cost of acquisition per client is around $200 (this is a very high price, so there’s a good chance it will be a lot less.) Now let’s say you outsource every video to another content creator for $5 per piece of content (this is the amount you can expect to pay for a standard piece of content) If you are making 20 pieces of content per month for a business, this will cost you only $100 per month to provide a service that clients will happily pay you $1,000 per month to handle for them. When you are ready to continue scaling, you could have up to 100 clients that each pay you $1,000 per month for content creation services. Since you are paying your outsourced content creators $100 per month to create content which you then sell for $1,000 per month, your profit per month, per client is around $900. With 100 clients generating $900 in profit per month, you could easily be making $90,000 per month, without even creating any content yourself!

As a fair warning, scaling this type of business to 100 clients will never happen overnight. I’d be surprised if the majority of people trying content creation as a business model got even one client per month. With that being said, if you are able to scale this business, you could make millions of dollars per year.

My Opinion on Content Creation:

Difficulty Level: 4/10 (can be difficult to get clients)

Earnings Potential: Anywhere from $100 to $4,000 per month, per client

My Top Tip For Making Money Online

Photo by Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash

Before leaving this article as it is, I wanted to tell you one of the simplest and most powerful pieces of advice I can give to anyone looking to earn income online. War Dogs is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I want to use a quote from the film to illustrate this piece of advice.

All the money is made between the lines.

-Efraim Diveroli

Seriously consider this as advice to making money online. Look for opportunities in between the lines of what everyone else is doing. If everyone is looking to make money in the cryptocurrency space, don’t just focus on the current trends, find the trends that are about to happen. The next big trend in the cryptocurrency space could be NFTs integrated into the metaverse, or NFT home design, or anything else. Find whatever small niche within the bigger industry is about to explode in popularity, and capitalize off of it early on.




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