The Dark Side of Having An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Especially having one at a young age…

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NOTICE: This is kind of a rant/motivational post, so if you don’t want that, click away.

Although the world of entrepreneurship is absolutely beautiful and amazing in more ways than one, there is a lot of downsides to having the ambitious mindset, especially at a young age. I would say my first ever entrepreneurial ventures started when I was younger than 10 years old. I used to want to make money, even going as far to draw up grandiose plans that could possibly make millions in a week or so. Of course, I am incredibly fond of the years that I have spent dreaming of the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur, of being self-made, and of getting through the tough days to the life that I’ve always dreamt of. But there is a very big dark side to having such an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age.

Nobody Takes You Seriously

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When you are so young and have entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations, almost nobody will take them seriously. In a certain sense, it seems logical that many individuals would not take an entrepreneur seriously. Most entrepreneurs are incredibly optimistic in terms of their future life, believe in their goals, and are not interested in anything that will take them off the path of growth that they wish to be on.

The majority of the time, people will only take you serious as an entrepreneur once you have successfully accomplished something significant. Here’s a little secret: no matter what you accomplish or how much you make, there will always be people that have something negative to say. You could make six figures from your business, and negative people will still say that your income is “not sustainable.” The truth is, no income is truly sustainable. Even if you have a reliable job, how reliable is it once the company has to cut employees from their payroll? Do you really think that you aren’t able to be replaced? There are thousands of other negative limiting beliefs that negative influences will project onto you, but that objection is the most common in my experience.

You Have A Lot More Stress

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It’s a fact of life that you are going to be stressed. The day-to-day struggles of being a human can become incredibly stressful at times, and it takes a different form of ambition to be able to undertake the added stress that comes with being an entrepreneur. The truth is, life will always have little things that will stress you out, but in the mind of an entrepreneur, creating a life that is better in the future is worth added stress now.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in the classroom listening to a teacher lecture to me on any number of useless academic knowledge and felt like my head was going to explode. I had deadlines for so many separate school assignments, I had chores and household responsibilities, and on top of all of that, I was undertaking even more stress with my business and writing projects. For me, I’ve come to be comfortable with the stress, although it can be overwhelming at times. When stress finds its way to get at me, I find it’s because I have lost some form of enthusiasm for what I am doing.

I’m not necessarily alluding to the need for purpose in what you do- I’m more so just bringing into question awareness of your purpose. Every human being- and every entrepreneur, creates their own purpose while they are here on this planet. When we lose sight of our self-imposed purpose, we lose the motivation, drive and ambition we so desperately need.

You Have A Lot Less Money

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Here’s a very little brought up downside of entrepreneurship- it’s very common to be short on cash. This struggle of being an entrepreneur is actually kind of funny, really. When people hear the name entrepreneur, they tend to associate entrepreneurs with having lots of disposable income. While this is true, for the true entrepreneur, it is common to be constantly reinvesting this money into various ventures.

As an entrepreneur throughout my teenage years, I’ve noticed that a lot of times it seemed as though my friends had a lot more money than me. They were buying the newest Yeezys, new phones, and even cars. What I didn’t realize is that I had the money for those things- I simply chose not to spend it on them.

I tend to get very interested in multiple projects at one time, and this leads to a big problem. Each project that I want to work on takes a lot of upfront time or money. Due to a busy schedule as a high-school student, as well as writing, I rarely have the time for the upfront costs. This leaves me with two choices. I can spend money upfront to get the projects done for me, or I can abandon the projects. I’d say about 90% of the time, the projects mean enough to me that I am willing to spend the upfront capital on them.

Everyone You Love Will Doubt You

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One of the saddest truths about anyone who decides to take a risk in their life is that they are doubted by nearly everyone. The truth is, I don’t think there is a single person I have ever met that didn’t doubt me at first. Sure, some people grow to realize potential, but others won’t get it. On countless occasions, I can vividly remember a family member or friend telling me that a business idea wouldn’t work. Although I know they meant well, the doubt projected a limiting belief into my consciousness that, honestly, kind of depressed me.

A lot of the time, I have found that as a result of these doubts from others, I start to actually doubt myself. After all, if the people who love and care for me tell me that it won’t work, why should I pursue it? My teachers have been a major support in my life, so I don’t want to throw any negativity their way, but for the majority of them, their fundamental concepts of life are entirely wrong. They believe in a set path for life, as many others do. I understand where they are coming from- their job is to help me get the best grades possible while I am their student. They don’t think my businesses make sense. It has always helped me to be honest with them, however. I will tell them the truth, even if I know that it might hurt their feelings. Because they have a right to know why I am uninterested in their class.

You Might Fail

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Let me rephrase that- you absolutely will fail. You will fail again and again, and unless you are persistent, you will give up. It is through these constant failures that I have found a true love for the world of entrepreneurship. I look back into my past and I see failed businesses, empty pockets, and a lot of sleepless nights. But as I look into the future, I can only imagine the good that might come from every little piece of negativity I had to endure.

Beauty springs from the darkest places, and if you are consistent as an entrepreneur and put in the work, even when you don’t want to, you will be successful. Keep going, keep working, and have faith that it will work out.




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Matt Revnew

Matt Revnew

📝 Freelance Writer | 📖 Author | 💻 Tech Entrepreneur

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